Let me introduce: Brenda is mom of Kian (2009) and owner of webshop and store Kids Department. With her husband and son she lives in The Hague. The Hague has lots of nice streets, (un)known hotspots and unique shops. She will share the greatest spots in this ‘beautiful city behind the dunes’ on UrbanMoms.

Today, I share my second hotspot in The Hague: urban bistro MaMa Kelly! I regularly came across their Facebook Page. MaMa Kelly recently opened in the former building of the Caballerofactory. The many enthusiastic reactions made me curious.
We went there with the family on a Sunday afternoon for lunch. The weather was bad, so we couldn’t sit on the terrace, but inside is great! The restaurant has such a pleasant feel and look! Picture’s just right.

Hotspot MaMa Kelly Den Haag |

Not a difficult menu

At MaMa Kelly there’s not an extensive menu, but more than enough to choose from. Especially the Flammkuchen was a hit for the boys. Kian chose the Nutella with banana and whipped cream. I chose the bread with carpaccio. Excellent choice. For diner there isn’t an extensive menu either: it’s either chicken or lobster and some steaks and vegetarian dishes… Simple as that!

Hotspot MaMa Kelly Den Haag |

Hotspot MaMa Kelly Den Haag |

They thought about the kids too

At MaMa Kelly they also think about kids. All kids got a coloring book and pencils. You don’t even have to ask, they brought it when we came in. Apart from that MaMa Kelly is at a marina and it’s possible to moor a boat. So if you decide to go sailing on a beautiful day, go here for a lovely lunch. As far as we’re concerned, a must-go for young and old!

You’ll find MaMa Kelly on the Saturnusstraat 100 in The Hague. Check for more info their website.

Hotspot MaMa Kelly Den Haag |

Esther startte in 2013, runt haar bedrijf vanDAMM en is moeder van 2 jongens. Op de blog deelt ze leuke dingen om te doen met kids in de stad. Get inspired!

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