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[Sponsored story] We’ve had the intention for a while to give Flints room a make-over. He’s turning 4 soon, so it’s high time for a ‘big boys’ sleeping room. Building is not necessarily one of our biggest hobbies, but last month we made a start. Partly because I really need an own office for It needed some creative thinking, because we live in a 3-room apartment. No spare room for an UMB office, so how to solve this?

Inspiration from the South of France

Last summer we found a solution at a B&B in the South of France. We were staying in a family room with wooden sliding doors, which gave access to a big sleeping room for kids. Super smart thinking and perfect for in our house!
We made 3 rooms out of 2 by placing an extra wall. And to safe space we also made the wooden sliding doors. You now enter through our sleeping room and that looks like this…

Kinderkamer make-over Leen Bakker |

Efficient use of space

Because Flints new room is smaller than his old room, there’s less space for playing. But we thought he does need a place where he is able to play quietly. That’s why we bought him a low Loft bed to use the space in his sleeping room as efficient as possible. I thought a high Loft bed was a bit too high, but a low Loft bed is perfect. And from the first day he sleeps in it with so much pleasure! The ‘climbing in’ part is a true party!
The Loft bed is from Leen Bakker and because this bed is originally off white, we painted it.

Kinderkamer make-over Leen Bakker |

Kinderkamer make-over Leen Bakker |

The accessories

The baskets – to save his cars and wooden train rail in- are from the 101 Woonideeën collection of Leen Bakker.  And did you know that the wooden bench, the plaid, the gray stool, the white stool, the knitted pillow, the square frames and the wall lights are from Leen Bakker as well? Cool right!
We found the closet on Marktplaats and painted it mint green. And to let this accent colour come back in the room, we painted a house around his bed and some toy animals mint green as well.

Kinderkamer make-over Leen Bakker |

Kinderkamer make-over Leen Bakker |

Kinderkamer make-over Leen Bakker |

The items were quickly delivered by Leen Bakker and they even inform you through text message about the arrival time. Great!

Win a Leen Bakker gift card worth €50

I’m so curious what you guys think of Flints new kids room and which item is your favourite! I can allot a Leen Bakker gift card worth € 50 amongst the reactions. And with the expensive holidays coming up, that’s an extra great gift!
The winner will be announced on Thursday, November 27 2014 through mail. No correspondence regarding the results or content will be entered into.

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  1. Super creatief hoe jullie alles opgelost hebben qua ruimte! En Flint zijn kamer is echt tof geworden, mijn complimenten! Ik moet zeker binnenkort eens een bezoekje aan Leen Bakker brengen voor Noah zijn kamer… Maar dan wel na die dure decembermaand waarin mijn kanjer 5 word!

  2. Supermooie kamer! Ik ben momenteel ook bezig met de nieuwe kamer voor James die 3 wordt en onder andere die kleur mintgroen staat op het programma.

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