Baby #2 announcement


I think that, since the launch of UrbanMoms (now 1.5 years ago), I have shared no bigger news with you as I will do today. For several weeks now, I want to tell you all about it, but I really had to wait until it was all certain. And no, it isn’t a partnership or a nice new project (which incidentally does arrive soon), but I’m pregnant with our second child for more than 12 weeks now. So Flint become a big brother in September!

We are really happy and looking forward to relive the baby adventure after 4 years! Although I must admit that the choice of getting a second baby, lasted quite long. But last summer, we made the decision and I was pregnant almost immediately. During our holiday in France, I drunk alcoholic-free Mojitos and juices, but with 9 weeks the pregnancy went wrong. A miscarriage… I was sad and angry, but luckily we had again a positive test three months afterwards.

The weeks that followed were quite exciting. Was it good this time? 7 weeks… 8 weeks… 9 weeks… With 10 weeks, we saw a beating heart. And at 12 weeks, we’re lucky to see a little baby ‘life and kicking’ again. So very special!!

The news is out. We’re over the moon and enjoying every minute!

Baby #2 announcement

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