WOBS I hear you think? What’s that? Literally: Warm on Bikes. Those so-called bike pogies make sure you never have cold hands anymore, when you bring your little one to the nursery or school by bike.
When visited Flavourites in November, we were excited after hearing the story behind the WOBS. Did you know thast WOBS are made of 9 to 11 recycled plastic bottles? Waste which is converted into a concrete product, with a minimization of the impact on the environment and combined with modern design. Good story, right?

The WOBS are made of a super soft fur-like lining inside. You can leave your gloves at home ;) You slide the WOBS to your steering wheel and tiewraps are included, so you can attach them to your bike. Warm, windproof, waterproof and reflective in the dark! Flint kept his hands warm in the WOBS of his father, but actually we think they have to make WOBS for kids. Don’t you?! Get inspired!

WOBS: Warm On Bikes |

WOBS: Warm On Bikes |

WOBS: Warm On Bikes | UrbanMoms.nlWOBS coasts €38,50 and are available in two versions (with and without handbreak) in the webshop of

Esther (34) is de oprichter van, runt haar bedrijf Blogstreet, is moeder van Flint (nov ’10) en Riff (sept ’15) en woont samen in Rotterdam. Op de blog deelt ze fijne dingen om te doen in de stad met kids: hotspots, fashion & must-haves. Get inspired!

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