Let me introduce myself; my name is Liz and I live with Lou and our son Flip (0). We live in Amsterdam but love to travel around the world. We are always looking for new local hotspots, young designers and trendy gadgets. Cities we’ve been to we re-discover with the little one and a pram ;-)

For someone who doesn’t like ‘standard’, shopping for souvenirs is always hard. On every streetcorner you can buy those famous ‘I love Paris’ shoppers or a ‘nice’ Eiffeltower-statue. But it ís nice to buy a keepsake as a reminder of the trips you make with the kids. Something they can save in their Timecapsule.

Lou and I decided to give Flip a (picture)book every trip, in which we write something typical for that trip on the first page. Great idea, but how will you find a cool book in Paris that people -who don’t speak French- can read every day? Luckily there’s Le Pied de Biche. A not very average book store.

Tasteful souvenirs in Paris |

When you walk into the ‘Rocky’ store it’s a mix of art and books. The owner believes that books may be seen as true works of art and you can see that in the store. Apart from the shop, they publish their own series of books which they sell as limited edition. For the kids there is a corner for the most beautiful picture books. They sell not only French but also English books. A true candy store for those who love cool pictures. And it’s not just for the little ones. Daddy Lou became a kid again, when he saw the old fashioned Panini Alf and MJ cards at the check out counter. Look Flip, daddy had those when he was little!

Tasteful souvenirs in Paris |

Rather have a tasteful souvenir? Go to Chez Helene in the third district. This candy store has all kinds of treats. You’ll find just about everything that is delicious and looks great. Candy, chocolates, jam, cookies and other sweets. And the good thing is there’s something for everybody. Even for those who have a gluten free or sugar free diet or those who can’t have gelatine. The flavours are from sweet to sour and spicy. And they have the most original shaped candy I’ve ever seen: mini tooth brushes, tennis balls but lovely eye balls too.

Tasteful souvenirs in Paris |

You can take the candy yourself -with a wooden pinch- and put them in one of three bag sizes. Filled with the lovely candy they look like true presents. Would you rather have a ready souvenir? You can always choose the chocolate pizza! Enjoy!

Tasteful souvenirs in Paris |

Esther startte in 2013, runt haar bedrijf vanDAMM en is moeder van 2 jongens. Op de blog deelt ze leuke dingen om te doen met kids in de stad. Get inspired!

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