Many of you are probably able to recall the 12 known star signs, but did you know there are actually 88 of them? And that with every birth the stars have a different position?

Most likely you’ve never thought of it that way, but it’s true and actually quite cool to know the exact way the stars where alligned when you were born. That’s what MrStarsky also thought and that’s why they came up with this awesome birthposter. Depending the location, the time and the date is what makes your own starry sky so unique.


The poster shows you the 5 signs that where best shown back then and these will be illustrated. This makes every poster different; the sky is always different and the illustrations vary per person. If you were born during the day, the sky will be lighter blue then when you were born during the night and during the day the sun will also be shown by a yellow dot.


How nice to hang such a poster in the nursery! The illustrations are really fun and cool and it’s such a nice gift when a baby is born, original and personal. But not only when a baby is born, also when a child is older and when they can understand what stars are. I chose to make a poster for my four year old; he loves animals and is always looking for the stars in the sky. But most of the time when he goes to bed there aren’t any stars to be seen yet, which make him disappointed from to time to time.

His very own poster was a big hit, also because it’s quite informative, this way we can tell more about stars and also about dreams. Good dreams, scary dreams, but also dreams for the future. We hang the poster close to his bed, so he can still look at it when he’s lying down. I really like the way the whole poster looks, it also is a nice additions to the interior. His big bro is very jealous, he now wants his own too, luckily his birthday is coming up!




Do you also want this cool poster for your baby or to give away as a present? We partnered with MrStarsky and are giving away 2 posters. What do you need to do and how does it work?

  1. Download the poster here.
  2. Make the drawing complete by connecting the dots from 1 to 2, to 3 etc.
  3. Get your colouring pens and or paint and make a fun poster.
  4. Make a photo of the poster and send this including the name and age of the child to evelien@urbanmoms.nl OR place the photo on Instagram with the following hashtags #MrStarskyamsterdam #urbanmoms #urbanmomsnl
  5. We select two winners who will receive a personal message.
  6. You can send or post your photo till the 31st of October 2016.


Evelien is moeder van Piet (’10), Tycho (’12) en Mickey Charlotte (sept ’15) en woont met haar met man en kinderen vlakbij Amsterdam. Nieuwe fashion merken of hippe must-haves, Evelien vindt ze en deelt ze met jullie op UrbanMoms.

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