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FABULOUS FRIDAY: Mausbird & Bonbon on the Block love DADS giveaway |

FABULOUS FRIDAY: MAUSBIRD & BONBON ON THE BLOCK ♥ DADS win een trui voor papa en voor je kindje

Last week we had a great giveaway for all moms, but this week it’s the dads turn! Mausbird and Bonbon on the Block ♥ DADS! This week we will give away a Mausbird sweater for daddy and one for your kiddo. How cool is that?! But what do you have to do? 1. Like UrbanMoms here Mausbird here & Bonbon on the Block here 2. Share the message on your own Facebook page 3. And leave a message under this post, which sweater you would like to win and why There are two winners this time! One sweater for kids and one sweater for dad. The winners will be revealed on Thursday September 12th 2013 on the Facebook page of Mausbird is available at Bonbon on the Block. Photo credits: Florine van Rees.