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This week highs and lows aternate. Last Sunday I was informed that Mama Event could officially not continue in October. A large disappointment for me, the organization, web shops and brands. There was just too little enthusiasm of exhibitors. Fortunately, the organization doesn't exclude an event in the future. Lucky enough there were a lot of highlights this week; a visit to 'play nature' Tiengemeten, potty training with Flint, eating sushi with friends and a grateful winner of the Fabulous Friday Giveaway from two weeks ago (the Mini & Maximus poster). Too many places to put the poster she won and that makes me very happy! What do you think is the best place? Also last Friday two of our friends married in Wassenaar, literally a fairy tale! And Saturday I visited the new store of Karin. She is the owner of the webshop Minimiks, but has now opened her own shop. Soon a comprehensive report on! Further, I blogged a lot this week. About the Spanish childrens brand Bobo Choses and the 3-in-1 Wishbonebike for example. And what I love, is when followers let me know when they bought something they saw on the blog. The walking bike an Instagram follower bought for her son and a number of followers on Facebook have already announced that they will plan an outing to Tiengemeten. So nice! So keep it coming! Nice Sunday all! Love Esther xx