Spanish label Babaà is perfect in it’s simplicity. We know by know that Spanish brands often stand for quality, think of Bobo Choses, PICNIK Barcelona and so proves Babaà.They use beautiful Spanish cotton or Italian wool and the production takes place in northern Spain. All models are ‘oversized’ meaning that each child should at least be able to wear an item for 2 years.



The colours are awesome and you just see it’s high quality. Yes, you pay for that, but now that you know that 1 child wears it for two years and another child as well it’s actually not that bad!

That good thing is, they also have a women’s line with sweaters, cardigans, dresses and scarves. Pieces that are timeless and that’s never a mistake to have in your closet. All items have something special, either it’s a pattern or a cool neckline; it’s just all so so nice.



The good thing is, they have their SALE going on NOW (till July 25), so be quick! And since their items are all pretty timeless it’s easy to buy for a year in advance!


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