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The day starts well. Flint's standing besides our bed at 6.45 pm; 'Is it Motherday already maaaaaaam...?' He's coming into our bed to cuddle, but not longer than 15 minnutes today. I have to make my own breakfast today, because Sander had a party yesterday. And not ready to wake up get :) Along with Flint, we make croissants and coffee. And back to the bedroom for a 'breakfast in bed'. Finally, the homemade gift Flint made, may be opened. Honestly, this is the most fun... An of pasta made and painted necklace ♥ he created together with my mother. Proudly, he shows the painted necklace, while Sander has fallen back to sleep. Flint and I eat the tasty croissants together and I enjoy some of our Sunday morning stay-in-bed-as-long-as-possible ritual. A boy or a girl? The past two weeks, we have done some fun things: (intern) Lucia and I went to the launch of the collab of Eastpak with Susan Bijl and Monocrafft, I had a publication in Dutch Magazine Flair with my men and I got a super gift for the baby: a brand new Stokke Tripp Trapp with Newborn Set. Damn, lucky me! And this week, we had the 20 weeks ultrasound. Always an exciting moment, but also great to see the baby again! We allready secretly knew what we would get, but last Friday it was officially confirmed: it's a BOY! Another great man add to our family. We're over the moon! Getting used to... I have to say, that I just had to get used to the idea. Two boys. Ok, that means that there'll never be another girl in our family (I don't think that we'll ever go for a 3rd child again). We were -in the beginning of this pregnancy- not really engaged in the sex, because I have been far more concerned -after my miscarriage in October- with or all was well with the babe. Though, I had a hunch. I felt really more like a boys mother, though I would love the idea of having a girl. But when we got the news confirmed at an extra ultrasound a few weeks ago, I had to swallow. Very double, because we're so happy that everything was well! But still. No girl... But we are now very used to the idea and we're so thrilled that there is such a lovely boy strengthen our family! A boy! Flint is so enormously pleased he will be a big brother. He is very sweet, regularly gives unexpected kisses on my belly and practice with bottles on his boys doll. And I, I can just continue to say 'my men'... ♥♥♥ Have a great Mothersday and see you in 2 weeks. XO Esther P.S. Don't wanna miss a single picture? Follow me on Instagram!

MY INSTAGRAM WEEK #87 | Back home again

After a wonderful week in the snow, I write my Instagram Week back at home again on the couch. So nice to be home again, despite a nice ski week with my love, Flint, sister and brother in law. I've not skied very active this time, due to my growing belly, but I've been three mornings on the skies yay. The men were all week been busy making a compilation video of our week in the snow. And I must honestly say that they succeeded! See for yourself .... (more…)