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Let me introduce myself; my name is Myra, I’m a lawyer and mother of twe sons Just (3) and Quinten (1,5). I live in Amsterdam, with my boyfriend and two kids. Regularly I go out with the boys on friday, my day off. Of course my boys are super sweet ;) but also real boys who make a lot of noice, knocking over things, making a mess and want to run around. So you can assume that wherever I’m going and whatever I’m doing is in any case “kids proof”!

In downtown Amsterdam at the Kerkstraat 174 (off the Vijzelstraat), is kids theater the Toverknol. And for those who have never been there with kids: GO!

The Toverknol is a theater especially for kids, where a new show is performed every month. The fun already starts when coming in, because the kids can choose from a lot of costumes. Once dressed, with drinks and a cookie, the show starts. The ladies of the Toverknol make it a special experience every time, with a lot of costumes, dances and songs. The kids can dance along and they are watching breathless till the end. The parents can enjoy the show as well while drinking a cup of coffee.

A play takes about 45 minutes, just long enough to keep the attention. There are two kinds of shows: one for kids from 1-4 and one for kids from 5-9 years old. There are shows on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and during the holidays there are often more shows. It costs €9,00 each from 1 year old and the parents have to pay too, so it’s not cheap, but to give the kids a true theater experience, it’s certainly worth the trouble if you ask me!

The Toverknol doesn’t just do plays, but you can also have a kids party here or take a course. When Just was 2,5 I took the course toddler dance on Friday mornings (8 courses). This course too, starts with dressing up, after which the kids dance and jump on music for 45 minutes, drive in a train, imitate animals and make far journeys. At the end of the course, the kids get a certificate, of which Just is still very proud.

For opening hours and more info: (there is one in Haarlem too). Have fun!

Kindertheater De Toverknol in Amsterdam |

Kindertheater De Toverknol in Amsterdam |

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