Most babies will get some sort of skin problems at some point, like eczema, diaper rash, chickenpox or eczema seborrhoicum etc. You only get one skin in your life so you should be really careful with it. Fortunately these days you can find many products that state they pay a lot of care in what they use in their skin products especially when it’s for babies. You seriously don’t want to put any garbage on that!

Marjolein Leenarts is a mother of three and a dermatologist. At some point she wasn’t able to find the right products in the store, they either didn’t do what they promised or they had too many chemicals in it. So, what do you do then as a dermatologist? You start developing your own products!DokterLeenarts|

At our daycare they use these products and that’s how I got familiar with it and got so enthusiastic. I wish I had known the chickenpox lotion when my boys where covered ALL over their bodies and faces.

Also, the lotion to cure eczema seborrhoicum would have been helpful, had I known about it before. Even though it’s harmless I always found it a bit gross ;-)

The fact that it’s absolutely allergen-free and recognised by the Dutch ‘Huidfonds’ make me use these products with no fear to harm my new baby’s skin. Apparently many adults also use the bathlotion and the lotion for dry skin. Will I be throwing away my perfumed and expensive creams soon too?!
More information on the website of Dokter Leenarts.

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