Black and white blancket House of Jamie |

DUTCH DESIGN: HOUSE OF JAMIE review black & white blanket ‘special edition’

Earlier, we wrote about the Dutch brand House of Jamie. Barbara Gouka created and developed this beautiful label in 2012, which is characterized by a simple black bow-tie. In October last year, they even launched a clothing line for toddlers. Their bib is perhaps the best known accessories from their collection, but did you know that they also have lots of other fun items? Diaper bags, bath towels, pouf covers, nursing pillows, sleeping bags and blankets. All with that famous bow!
They send us a beautiful blanket for a review. And what could be a better place then in the nursery of my good friend and mommy-to-be Trix.
This blanket (size 100 x 90 cm) fits perfectly into a stroller or crib. It’s made of cotton -with a board of linen- so it’s easy to wrap it around a thicker blanket for a super cute effect immediately. You could also use it in the box or as a play mat, but the question is how long it stays clean ;)
This blanket (and other fun stuff) is available in the webshop of House of Jamie. Get inspired!

Black and white blancket House of Jamie |

Black and white blancket House of Jamie | UrbanMoms.nlThis blancket and more fun items are available in the webshop of House of Jamie.

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