Ordering food to be delivered at home is nothing new. But a fresh meal delivered at home for your baby, is probably something you haven’t heard of before.Yes, you heard that right, a good meal for your child age 4 months till 2 years. Freshly packed, cooled, 3 meals (meat or fish, poultry and vegetarian) for the week. SPRUIT recently launched this awesome project.

Mickey is almost one and sometimes I find it hard to decide what to give her as diner, a leftover from the night before or one of those babyfood cans? Mickey eats earlier then the rest of the family, but obviously I want her to eat all the right and needed nutrition, with variation and various flavours. All, so that she can eat with the rest of the family as soon as possible. Time is also an issue, cooking two meals per night is just too much, sorry Mickey!

But there is a great solution that saves time and gives your child a very, very good meal. 3 meals per week, every week another menu and you can choose between 4 months, 8+ months and 12+ months. The founders of Spruit have little kids themselves as well and encountered the same problem as I have, little time, no good fresh option in the supermarket but still very much want to give your baby the best.


We got the opportunity to try a week menu (8+ months), delivered in a nice package with 3 little boxes, with fresh food, sealed in plastic. When delivered it was cooled and I needed to put it in the refrigerator at home as well. All to keep it fresh and the vitamins in.


Mickey got the following menu:

  • Tomato| brown rice | minced meat | Kidney beans
  • Mackerel |chickpeas | broccoli | Basel
  • Carrot | Brown rice | Parsley| cumin

Not too bad don’t you think? Especially the kidney beans were a huge success. And also the fish was a hit. Only the meal with cumin was a bit too much. Of course I took some bites myself as well and I must say it tasted really really good.



I am absolutely not against babyfood cans, but everytime I see the expiration date I think ‘huh, how is that possible?’ Good till over a year?

SPRUIT delivers only in Amsterdam for now, but they told me that they want to expand as soon as they can to other cities and towns. They also want to see as many kids eating healthy, fresh and varied. But you can also have it delivered at work when you work in Amsterdam but live outside. More info and answers on their website.


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