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Finally, Hunter has passed the four months so he’s ‘allowed’ to eat solid food. Here I was waiting for. Lovely to experiment with flavors that are so normal for us adults, but a whole new experience for our little guy. And then comes the dilemma of a working mom; jars or fresh food? I want to make everything fresh, but even though I’m a planner, it doesn’t work for me to make food in advance and freeze it.

Fresh food, without losing a lot of time

When I was pregnant of Hunter, at my surprise baby shower we did a game with baby food. I had to guess what kind of baby food I had in my mouth. I get goose bumps again when I think of it. Conclusion… I want fresh food for my baby, but I have no time.
Fortunately, there is a solution: Madaga. Freshly prepared food, which is delivered free of charge. It is about 7 days preservable what I like, because then I assume it’s fresh and not full of preservatives.

The package was delivered exactly on time at home in a nice paper bag. I got 2 jars for babies from 4 months.
A jar had mashed blueberries and banana and the other had broccoli and mashed potatoes. My first impression was that it looked like the description on the box.

‘First a self-test and I’m surprised…’

I was very curious about the taste. Before I gave my little guy a snack, I had to try it myself and I was positively surprised. It tasted super good! It just tasted like real fresh blueberries with banana and broccoli with potatoes.
It was as if I made it myself. Obviously, Hunter looked at me with a what-did-you-gave-me look, but that’s a matter of habituation.

I’m still planning to make fresh food myself, but this is just really equivalent. It’s useful to have it in the house and some reserve in the freezer. I won’t grab the jars in the supermarket that you can keep at room temperature for at least one year. I’m getting him fresh from my own kitchen or fresh from the kitchen of Madaga. I can only say that you simply must try it. I’ll bet you have the same conclusion as I… SOLD!

Order here a test menu, so you can try Madaga yourself! or Get 2,50EUR discount on one order.

Review Madaga: verse biologische babyvoeding |

Review Madaga: verse biologische babyvoeding |

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