Foodspiration: Uit eten in je eigen huis met Marley Spoon |


Nowadays, you see it a lot: the online (fresh) food ordering services. Especially if you don’t have the time to find out what you’re going to cook the upcoming week or to gather all the ingredients in the supermarket. To deliver your food is super easy! It’s often fast food, but what if you can get fresh ingredients delivered at home?

So hellooo Marley Spoon! They have box with fresh ingredients and give you the opportunity to eat something different than usual, without too much effort concerning the preparation. Of course you have to cook it yourself!

Make your own dish fast and easy

Every week, they offer 7 special recipes using fresh ingredients and sustainable products. You can choose what you want to cook and how many times you want to use their services and then you get the ingredients with the recipes delivered at your front door! Easy peasy for all our UrbanMoms!

Last week, we got delivered such a beautiful Marley Spoon box (and yes they deliver for free throughout the Netherlands, except the West Frisian Islands and Zeeuws-Vlaanderen) and besides that the products look good, the look and feel of the packaging is also really nice and simplistic!

Foodspiration: Uit eten in je eigen huis met Marley Spoon |

Foodspiration: Uit eten in je eigen huis met Marley Spoon |

It’s not cheap: €48 for 3 meals for 2 persons a week, but think of it as having dinner in your own home! And when you subscribe, you can easily customize, skip or even pause your order (during the holidays for example). This also means that when you order one box, you are subscribed to Marley Spoon, but you can skip your meals weekly to 72 hours before delivering and after that you can unsubscribe.

Get €20 euro off on your first order till the end of June 2015 with the code: URBANMARLEY

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