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[Advertorial] The may holiday is an ideal time to go out with the kids. Get outside, breath in the fresh air and do some nice and active things. I prefer to do that with my boys or with some friends, who bring their kids as wel. We usually choose a place where all the kids can let off some steam and we catch up in peace.

Undisturbed playing

Last weekend, two friends of Flint came to play. And the weather was great, so time to go outside. In addition to food and drinks, toys and other attributes that we took with us, you also want to have diapers for the little ones that go a little longer. So they don’t need a clean diaper every hour.
Flint is of course already long out of diapers, but take friend Niels. He is over 2 and rushes and flies everywhere. Then you want that the diaper stays in place of course. Pampers Active Fit luiers are ideal, because they remain dry and are extra breathable so that he can continue to play undisturbed.
And also friend Ithai. He is now almost 1 year old and he slowly but surely discover the world on two legs now. Also then, you want the diaper to remain well into place. For Flint, I’ve always used Pampers diapers and also the Active Fit ones when he became more active.

Meivakantie tips: #pampersexperience |

What to do during the May holidays in Rotterdam?

– The small pool, beach and playground in the ‘Kralingse Bos’ (free and a lot of moms with kids)
– If you’re there, then cross to the Petting Zoo (also free entrance)
Kidsmarina is a super fun activity for larger entrepreneurial kids, right in the city centre (€12,50 for 20 minutes sailing)
Plaswijckpark is always a succes with kids (entrance €11,40 p.p. online), also on rainy days
– Craving a good lunch for yourself and Pancakes for the kids? Go to ‘Uit je eigen stad’. Kids can play in the sandbox and around the greenhouses (see photos). Inside, they’ve enough toys where the kids can play with when it’s raining.

Have fun!

Meivakantie tips: #pampersexperience |

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