Aaarghh, all those toys by the end of the day. Seriously, everywhere, in every corner lays something, not only in the living room, no also the hallway, the bathroom, the bedroom etc etc.
So, what do ‘we’ do? We buy big plastic boxes to store everything away. But hey, those boxes… They actually don’t match the rest of our interior. TellKiddo thought likewise and came up with a solution.

TellKiddo |

For sure these bags look way cooler in the rooms and besides its also really easy to just throw everything in as well, so more excuses by the kids not to help out.

TellKiddo also has fabric bags for in example laundry and cute little prints to decorate the nursery. The birthposter we really fancy as an original maternity gift.


TellKiddo | UrabnMoms.nlTellKiddo |
And the cool thing is that TellKiddo offers 25% discount on an order (above €30,-) with the code: TELLURBAN25. The code is valid till the 23rd of August 2015.

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