HOTSPOT: Pllek op het NDSM-terrein Amsterdam Noord |


Let me introduce myself: I’m Jessica, e-commerce Buyer & Merchandise Manager at Scotch & Soda and mother of 2 sons: Pelle (2010) and Morrison (2012). I live together with my boyfriend and the kids on the second floor in Amsterdam, right on the border of the brimming Pijp and the fancy Museumkwartier. Dinner with the kids can be a real challenge sometimes in Amsterdam. So I made it my personal challenge to spot these restaurants. Especially the ones you also love to go to without kids are my favorites.

Today, we travel to the back of Central Station, to the dock of the three ferries to Amsterdam Noord. We take the left ferry to the NDSM wharf. I know the route mainly ’cause of the nightlife to the legendary Stubnitz boat or to the festival Valifest. The ferry was always the kickoff to a super fun party. Oh yes, those good old days…

Stubnitz and Valifest VS. tricycle and child

Anyway, a few years later, I’m still on that same ferry, but now older and wiser and with tricycle and child.
Meanwhile, the NDSM wharf has become THE creative breeding ground of Amsterdam. Every weekend, there’s something fun to do and there are the most inspiring monumental buildings. The NDSM wharf is a former shipyard and that is clearly reflected in the architecture. In some of these colossal buildings are now big businesses. But also the largest flea market in Amsterdam (the IJhallen), every 3 weeks organized in such an impressive building.

Furthermore, there are some eye-catchers on the wharf, the two old trams as art, and there is a huge crane which recently converted into luxury hotel with only 3 suites and jacuzzi. The hotel is only 2 months open and you can make a bungee jump! Not a cheap hotel, but it seems to be a super special experience.

The creative hang-out on the NDSM wharf

Besides the trams and the large crane lies Pllek. A cafe/restaurant built in shipping containers. Pllek is open 365 days a year, and they serve lunch and dinner. In the summer you can lay here on the ‘beach’ (with pebbles), and in the winter you can warm up in the restaurant area.

The interior of Pllek consists of several Revolt chairs, lovely vintage leather benches and long wooden tables. Upstairs is a loft where you can stretch out on one of the benches. And downstairs they have a lounge area where you can chill. Outside, you can find the famous picnic tables and at the beach it’s a nice mess with several old wooden materials.

This time, Morris and I take just a drink and sit outside in a boat to play with the stones. Morris, anyway. I wander. It’s so relaxing to sit there and watch the boats passing by… Inside is the now quite full, even before 10am in the morning. Many young mothers with newborn babies. It looks suspiciously like a reunion of pregnancy yoga.

HOTSPOT: Pllek op het NDSM-terrein Amsterdam Noord |

Lunch, diner, party or yoga-class…

I had a quick look at the lunch card and that looks very tasty: several sandwiches and salads. For the kids an Urban Legend sandwich; a sandwich with chocolade spread and banana.
At the dinner card I see many more delicious treats: croquettes and ravioli of beet and grass cheese, mmmm… We will come back to have diner there!
They are constantly thinking of the children. For them, there’s a burger and fried fish on the diner menu. For dessert they have vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and crackling sugar.

But Pllek is more than just a cafe/restaurant: there give parties, you can rent a hall, there are yoga classes and there is a children’s program on Sunday. More than enough reasons to head up to the inspiring NDSM wharf. Believe me, it’s lovely….

HOTSPOT: Pllek op het NDSM-terrein Amsterdam Noord |

HOTSPOT: Pllek op het NDSM-terrein Amsterdam Noord |

HOTSPOT: Pllek op het NDSM-terrein Amsterdam Noord |

HOTSPOT: Pllek op het NDSM-terrein Amsterdam Noord |

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