MY INSTAGRAM WEEK #82 | Easy going

MY INSTAGRAM WEEK #82 - Easy going |
This week, I wasn’t fully fit. Fortunately, not felled by the flu, but everything has been a little on the backburner: appointments, the blog, my email and there where I usually have a hundred things to do on the weekend, we had two lovely quiet days. Refuel for coming week…

Celebrate love

Saturday night, we had the first meeting with my older brother and sister in law to talk about their wedding. They going to get married in June! So nice to help them organise the most beautiful day of their lives. And now Sander and I are experts in organise weddings, because last year my sister got married and the year before my best friend. Celebrate love! Yay!

Last week on the blog

Monday, we inspired you with some Valentine gifts, Tuesday you saw Colin in Lucky No.7, Wednesday Anouk shared her favorite shops in Singapore with us, Thursday we tipped you a fine place for a beach holiday in the Netherlands, Friday a new giveaway went online (win tickets for Artis zoo!) and Saturday you saw the new Miffy Milestone Cards on the blog.

Happy Sunday!
XO Esther

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