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My name is Suzanne de Jong, mother of Evie (3,5) and pregnant with a little man. I live together with my boyfriend and I work as a process manager at a bank in Amsterdam. I also work as an interior designer, I have an etsy shop in handmade home accessories and I like to write about that on my blog &SUUS.

With all of the above activities, there is little time for other hobbies, like restore furniture and nice DIY projects. At this time, I collect a lot of ideas and things for in the house (like from the thrift shop) which is gathering dust in the attic. My boyfriend is very happy with me :) I wish there were more hours in a day. I think the desire of many readers of this blog! I have my hopes on my maternity leave, but that probably sounds familiar. A crowded to-do list and I know from earlier experience that only a quarter is done in the end. So I share some DIY ideas every Tuesday on my &SUUS Facebook page. And today I like to share some more with you here.

The fast and easy DIY’s I like best. So I prefer to hook Zpagetti wool poufs, rugs and pillows. I love the simple DIY’s ’cause you can place them in your house in a relatively inexpensive way and when you’re tired of it, remove it or give it a different color.
For today I’ve some nice DIY’s for in the children bedroom. These are all inspired by recycling toys. I think they are hilarious and well conceived. I don’t know if you should do this with your children,  ’cause all the toys are cut in half :)

Below is a clear description to create a cheerful coat rack:
DIY childrens bedroom &SUUS | UrbanMoms.nlPhoto credits: Papaï Market

In this example, the animal figures are also cut in half, but this time you can creatie cabinet knobs. Spray them in different colors or paint them exactly the same color as the cabinet. A funny and small adjustment, but makes it just a bit more personal and original.
DIY childrens bedroom &SUUS | UrbanMoms.nlPhoto credits: Design Sponge

And this I find so funny. I did this once before and a lot of mothers found it pathetic. I used to cut all the hair of my Barbie dolls, I don’t know exactly where it went wrong :-) Hilarious right?
DIY childrens bedroom &SUUS |
DIY childrens bedroom &SUUS |
DIY childrens bedroom &SUUS | UrbanMoms.nlPhoto credits: Random Tuesdays

Do you still think sawing is a bit sinister? Then two more benevolent examples. How simple is this again? A shelf (scaffold) timber, attach a small shelf on it and glue it firmly on the lego figures. The one sitting can be used as a hanger.
DIY childrens bedroom &SUUS | UrbanMoms.nlPhoto credits: Cristina Mella

And here the animal figures remain quite and are used glass jars to turn into cheerful storage jars. Good glue is key! Paste and spray/paint it. Easy does it!
DIY childrens bedroom &SUUS | UrbanMoms.nlPhoto credits: House to home

Tip: Do you find it a waste to use existing or new toys ? Have a look at the thrift shop. Enough ideas to get started? For the holidays or just for this weekend :) Enjoy and get inspired!

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Esther is founder en hoofdredacteur van, eigenaar van activatiebureau Blogstreet, is moeder van 2 jongens en woont in Rotterdam. Op de blog deelt ze de leukste dingen om te doen met kids in de stad. Get inspired!

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