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[Sponsored story] As most of you know, I’m expecting our second baby. And in September Flint will have a baby brother. Oh how he’s looking forward to that! As are we ofcourse. My maternity leave started so now I have a little more time to deal with the nursery, make an address list for the birthcards and arrange the last baby stuff. I’m regularly asked by friends and family if I have any ideas for a gift. We already bought some things ourselves and we also have a lot from when Flint was born. Plus, I have quite a distinct taste, so what to ask?

A personalized wishlist

A while ago I was approached by Lola & Fitz. This website has all kinds of great items and gadgets for you and your baby of which you can make your own online wishlist; baby clothes, must-haves for the nursery, care products, toys and more. Making a list can be a lot of work and Lola & Fitz helps you put together a great wishlist online. Through their website you can get inspiration for gifts to ask, but you can also add items yourself.

Lola & Fitz create your own baby wishlist online |

I myself started a wishlist too. And I have to say: ideal! Very clear and easy to put together like this. I share the list through a link with family and friends when they ask for it. We will put the link on our invite to the baby-party (no weeks full of maternity visits this time). You can even share it on Facebook and Twitter if you want.

But how does it work? 5 easy steps…

Step 1: Make your own profile

Sign up (for free) on with an email address and give your wishlist a personal name. The nickname of your baby, for example.
Lola & Fitz make your own baby wishlist online |

Step 2: Add products through the inspiration of Lola & FitzLola & Fitz make your own baby wishlist online |

Step 3: Add your own productsLola & Fitz make your own baby wishlist online |

Step 4: Personalize & share
Add a personal pic and a short story to your wishlist and share it with your friends and family.

Step 5: Get spoiled

After you’ve shared your wishlist, your friends and family can reserve the gifts on the list (no doubles, ideal!). When the gift is actually bought, the buyer stays anonymous or he or she can leave a personal message.

Have fun assembling your own wishlist! And for later: enjoy your newborn (and all the great gifts ofcourse!) I will! :)

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