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It’s been a while, but we have another ‘diaperbag from..’ post for you. This time UrbanMoms’s contributor Evelien.10 months ago I gave birth to my third baby. I have never been a real ‘diaperbag person’, like the one with special pockets for diapers and bottles and stuff, although I really see the advantage in it, I loose everything all the time..

Main reason for that is that i throw it all in one big tote bag before leaving the house to go to soccer training, school and other appointments and then I have trouble finding it in all the mess. I don’t bring a lot of toys, a nice teether/rattle will do. And there is always something like a little spoon/ book or straw that will keep her busy for a while as well.

Evelien’s essential

Of course a set of clean clothes and enough diapers, wipes and those super handy perfumed plastic bags for full diapers.

When we are on the road and Mickey needs to do a nap I make sure to bring her monkey. Also a very large swaddle for multiple occasions but also to attach the swaddle with those fancy swaddle clips to the Bugaboo. This helps her fall a sleep faster and keep the sun from shining in her face.

Now that it’s summertime I always have some sunscreen with me, not only for the baby but also for the boys and myself. And a sunhat of course.

A little snack will do the trick too for this hungry lady. Small rice crackers are her favorite these days.

So this can be found in the bag:

  1. Dove and Dovelet theether
  2. Zara Jumpsuit
  3. Aiden + Anais Swaddle
  4. Canvas shopper HM
  5. Swaddle clip
  6. Jellycat Monkey
  7. Hema sunhat
  8. Organix snack



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Evelien is moeder van Piet, Tycho en Mickey Charlotte en woont met haar met man en kinderen vlakbij Amsterdam. Nieuwe fashion merken of hippe must-haves, Evelien vindt ze en deelt ze met jullie op UrbanMoms.

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