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Stylist and webshop owner Jantine (April and May) & myself write each other every two weeks, about the real life behind our online (blog) world. And from now on you can join us!

Some moms seem to do it so easily; 1, 2, 3 and sometimes 4 kids and that combined with a successful job and an amazing relationship. Wow, nothing but respect and admiration. But how?
We want it all. A rich social life, a good job, to the gym 3 times a week for a tight body, a lovelife full of surprises and romance, enough love and attention for the kids, bring them to swimming lessons, ballet or hockey, go shopping for groceries and clean the house. But seriously, how?
I find it a challenge with 1 kid to devide my time between myself, my love, my kid, family, friends, my work and my blog.
Making choices is difficult for me, because I like it all. You get that this is the gist of the problem.
I try my best to be a good mother ánd a good wife ánd a good friend ánd a good employee ánd a good ‘housewife’. But I feel like I fall short a little in everything.

Mom Meets Mom: by Esther |

And then the next dilemma arises; yes or no to a second child… Flint just turned three and then the questions start; ‘And….? Not ready for a second one yet?’ ‘Soooo great to add such a small miracle, I expected you guys to…’. Very selfish maybe, but I truly wouldn’t know how to fit a second child in our busy lives. And besides, who says we can have a second one? But do I want that rollercoaster of getting pregnant, hormones, sleepless nights and ‘tropics-years’ again? While I have a healthy son walking around. Shouldn’t I be happy with what I have? But to resign myself with the fact that Flint will be alone, doesn’t feel good either…
How do you do that with two kids, in combination with your busy job? >> Read the detailed response by Jantine here

Mom Meets Mom: by Esther |

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Esther is founder en hoofdredacteur van, eigenaar van activatiebureau Blogstreet, is moeder van 2 jongens en woont in Rotterdam. Op de blog deelt ze de leukste dingen om te doen met kids in de stad. Get inspired!


  1. Zo herkenbaar, Es, wat je schrijft over 1 of 2 kinderen. Reva was bij ons al een groot ‘kado’. Doe wat goed voelt voor jou, anders kan je denk ik ook geen ‘goede’ ouder zijn. Dit zeg ik altijd tegen mijzelf, maar om eerlijk te zijn steekt de twijfel bij mij soms ook nog de kop op, hoor! Haha, zal denk ik wel herkenbaar zijn :)

    1. Thanks voor het delen van jouw ‘twijfels’ en advies en fijn dat het herkenbaar is Es! Komt tijd komt raad, denk ik.

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