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This week it’s all about expectations. Read the start of our conversation on Jantine’s the blog here.

Mom Meets Mom: Expectations |
Expectations. Of others, but also those of myself. And now with a little one, those expectations seems to be even higher. If you’re pregnant, you naturally move from an apartment to a terraced house. Because in an apartment you can’t raise a child. You should breastfeed, ’cause that is obviously the best for your baby. And you’re a bad parent when your child is in his pajamas all day. Kidding, of course not…
And it’s the same with exercising. They have to do so much when they are young. Exactly as you say; school, swimming lessons and of course judo and music lessons.

Flint turned 3 in November and until that time I went to to toddler gym with him every week. I noticed that he was ready for a more challenging activity. For a few weeks now, we go to Little Gym every week. Besides getting rid of ‘excess energy’, he also loves to play with other children. In addition, I like it to see him go his own way. Enjoyment for the both of us.
Coincidentally, he has even had his first skiing lesson last week. ‘Too young’ you might say. Yep. Maybe. But he loved it. A whole hour he has persevered and afterwards he didn’t want to go home. How that degree of activity will change when he goes to school, I don’t know. But this we will have to protect him as parents, ’cause we know him best.

Mom Meets Mom: Expectations |
Myself, I played sports at top level. In addition to my primary school, I spent approximately 20 hours per week in the gym. But eventually, I stopped because I was overtired. My parents have always supported me and never pushed anything. That’s my advice to you and I take that with Flint’s nurture. If he wants to, I will give him space to practice his sports. But for now, let them play. They can be grown ups forever.

XO Esther

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