Today also the second region in The Netherlands start with school again, the northern part. Are all men ready??Ready for running around, playing football and funny games in the school yard? Here at home at least they are. They look forward to see their friends again, but I also notice a little bit of nervousness. Our middle one started just before the summer holidays, but today he will meet his actual new class and teacher. Obviously that is quite exciting.

For today we selected some nice must-haves to have a good start of the new school year. Hopefully it gives you some inspiration, and as always see the links for where to find them.

Ps. Number 6 is a huge hit in our household, super nice magnets with which you can build all sorts of cool stuff. Absolutely a wannahave for when fall kicks in, endless play with friends and/or brothers and sisters.

  1. Cool jacket
  2. Rainboot
  3. Baseball cap
  4. Backpack
  5. Lunch box
  6. Magnutz toys
  7. Pen and light in one
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