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Today is the first schoolday again for the first region in The Netherlands.The middle region is the firsts to go back again. Big chance that everyone in the family is kind of ready for it, even though we love the holidays. A bit more structure in the days if also nice. Besides the early morning hassle to have everyone ready in time, it’s also nice to see all the friends in school again.

For some of the kids it’s extra exciting because they go to school for the very first time, others will meet a new teacher or might have moved and have to go to another school.

Either way, everyone wants to start the first day in the best possible way, therefore we selected some must-haves for you. Today with the focus on girls, next week it’s the boys’ turn.

  1. Cool backpack by BLAFRE
  2. Lunchbox
  3. Little bag for pencils, crayons and other stuff
  4. Sweet bottle
  5. Dress by Mini Rodini
  6. Awesome rainboots (yup, autumn is also around the corner..)
  7. Schooldesk for the bedroom
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