Those cute small children’s bottoms also wish a chair for their own of course, just like grown ups. But those are way too high and big obviously. However we see more and more witty, nice and cool chairs for kids 2 years and up. Sometimes it a grown up version but then smaller and sometimes it’s a version especially designed for kids because of their special seat. Look at number xx in example turn this chair a quart and it’s a table, how clever!

In our opinion it’s a good addition to any household. For extra seating at the balcony, the garden in front of the television etc. And the kids? They just LOVE to have their own chair, only of them and their cute little bottom.

We have made a selection for you; just click the links to see where to get them.

  1. Wooden chair with leather seat
  2. Rocking chair
  3. Red retro chair
  4. Replica Eames 
  5. Rotan chair
  6. Legio chair
  7. Wooden chair
  8. Mum and Dad factory chair
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