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Evelien is mommy of Piet (2010) and Tycho (2012) and lives with pleasure with husband and kids in Amsterdam. She loves to discover places where the kids can freely move and play and where it looks and feels good for the parent(s) as well, because that can be a challenge sometimes. Luckily there are increasingly more places where this combination is a match. In the coming blogs she will share her findings with you guys.

Winter, spring, summer or fall, sometimes it’s just hard to think of something ‘different’ to do with the kids inside. And to go to Ballorig every week… Although Piet and Tycho love that, so once in a while you can find me there too.

Special toddler tours

But a while ago we hit the jackpot. We took them to the Rijksmuseum on a Sunday. There, they have tours/classes/workshops especially for kids. Mine are too little to draw the Nachtwacht, but we did the toddler tour. And it was tha bomb! They take you to the Middle Ages. The time of Knights! And if there’s something my men like…
You sign in in advance through the website, where you’ll find possible dates and times. A very kind and enthusiastic guide was waiting for us in the central hall and she took us to a separate room (the drawing room). There, two cardboard shields and pencils were ready.

Met kids naar het Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam |

Met kids naar het Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam |

Playful history lesson for the little ones

The kids were told to design their own shield, so with help from daddy and mommy they had their own shield! But what is a shield and what was it used for back then? By means of a story and fun drawings everything was explained very playfully. It was something like a history lesson, but for toddlers. After this story we went into the museum, looking for the real shield. They had to look for it themselves and they thought it was very exiting and impressive, because all of a sudden they were facing a life size shield from the Middle Ages, armours and chainmails.

Met kids naar het Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam |

Also for girls!

At the end they could ‘test’ the armours by throwing (cloth) chestnuts at each other.
We did a quick tour along the Viking ship, rifles and swords: very cool too. We think it’s absolutely worth a visit. And certainly not just for boys, I know for sure girls would love it and be impressed too.

Met kids naar het Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam |


In the spring or summer, go to the gardens of the Rijksmuseum (free entrance). Kids love the fountain that changes constantly and you can order a good coffee and sit in one of the great Fermob chairs in the sun.

Credits top photo: John Lewis Marshall

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