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I’m almost 19 weeks pregnant with the second babe. Time flies! First, I lived from day to day (‘is it all good, does it grow enough, again another miscarriage?’), but the weeks fly by right now. The baby is growing well and it shows. I will try to post some more belly updates on Instagram. But their’s directly the ‘problem’: lack of time …

I want to do everything, but I’m pregnant so I need to do make some adjustments. UrbanMoms is still growing very well and my second business BlogStreet* aswel. The struggle continues to find the balance between work and family life and I have to make some choices. And I have to take a step back…
Therefore, I will write ‘My Instagram Week’ every 2 weeks now instead of every week. That gives me just a little extra qualitytime with my family on Sunday instead of with my computer ;)
And this week, trainee Lucia started at UrbanMoms HQ. She will strengthen me until late August, so great! It gives me that extra bit of air, so that I can put my time in other ongoing projects. Never not working! ;) Happy Sunday everyone!

XO Esther

Last week on the blog: a special Mothersday blog, we visited family musical Dora’s Piraten Avontuur, the summer collection of Koolabah, a new kids concept store De Kleine Parade in Amsterdam, tips to go out with Kingsday with kids and Campina interviewed me ’cause of the ‘Nationale Sportweek’.

*Blogstreet is a niche bloggers network with the focus on mom blogs. From our blogexperience, we connect bloggers en brands, where we angle on quality reach and creative content.

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Esther is founder en hoofdredacteur van, eigenaar van activatiebureau Blogstreet, is moeder van 2 jongens en woont in Rotterdam. Op de blog deelt ze de leukste dingen om te doen met kids in de stad. Get inspired!

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