Ammehoela, it’s a funny dutch name, but doesn’t it sound really funny?Go your own way, follow your own patch, that’s what it stands for. Launching a new kids fashion brand takes balls, persistence and a lot of energy. And that’s exactly what Anouk Bindels and Sabine Disveld have, and also a lot of experience in the fashion industry as a designer and buyer.

Ammehoela| AmmehoelaZomer16Deel1C (51 van 59)

The first unisex collection is for kids ages 0 – 4 years, graphic (hand painted) designs, soft organic cotton and comfortable pieces. Made for kids on the move. The clothes are easy to mix and match and have a bit of a skater’s vibe. Cool onesies, leggings and fine shirts. Also some scarves and headbands to complete the style.


Very remarkable is the fact that Ammehoela  comes with 5 collections per year (the first collection is available in stores and online now); this makes it easy for them to jump on new trends. And new pieces are always easy to combine with pieces from former collections.

This first collection makes us very happy and we already look forward to the next one.


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