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Let me introduce myself: my name is Anaïs (30), Lou’s mom (2012) and I work at Bugaboo as an account manager. I have been living in beautiful Brabant for five years now, with Han. But as a true Antwerp girl, my heart still skips a beat for this beautiful city along the Schelde. That’s why you can find me there almost every week, cause it feels like coming home every time!

Antwerp is not only known by it’s lovely shops and culinary delights. The city also has some great jewel designers, like designers Wouters & Hendrix, Brussels designer Christa Reniers and Anne Zellien.
The latter designer is in my friends circle widely known for her ‘spells’ medallions on chains, but also bracelets and rings. I know less Antwerp women without a Anne Zellien medallion :).

Personal gift

The beauty is that you can personalize the jewelry yourself. My mum gave me one for the birth of Lou with his name and birthdate and a little heart on it. Not a day goes by, that I haven’t wear it. It’s part of me.

Anne Zellien jewelry: kids & mom |

Personalize your own bracelet of chain

The collection of Anne Zellien is characterized by her love for sentimental jewelry, a style that was very upcoming during the 17th and 18th centuries. Many of her pieces have a secret personal message with which they assess the relationship between the one who gives the jewel and the one who gets it. In addition, she brings timeless designs in every collection, that you will never get enough of!
Super if you’re looking for an original gift, whether it is for your best friend, sister, mother or yourself. There is something for everyone.
Very useful is the webshop of Anne Zellien where you can order medallions and personalize them.

Anne Zellien jewelry: kids & mom |
Pic credits: Anne Zellien Twikit

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