Fotografe Maud Fontein; newborn shoot, familie shoot, kids shoot, park shoot |


Let me introduce myself: I’m Jessica, e-commerce Buyer & Merchandise Manager at Scotch & Soda and mother of 2 sons: Pelle (2010) and Morrison (2012). I live together with my boyfriend and the kids on the second floor in Amsterdam, right on the border of the brimming Pijp and the fancy Museumkwartier. Dinner with the kids can be a real challenge sometimes in Amsterdam. So I made it my personal challenge to spot these restaurants. Especially the ones you also love to go to without kids are my favorites.

Time flies with kids! One day, you are walking with a baby in your belly and the other day you ride on a bike beside your child to school.
You try to capture everything with your mobile phone or perhaps with your camera, but nothing is that good as a professional shoot. Because the most important person(s) in your life earns that extra bit of attention.
To capture these special moments, you have to make an appointment with Maud Fountain. Maud is a super talented photographer, mother of two kids and making all kinds of portraits, but is mainly specialized in newborns/mommies-to-be/kids and families.

Newborn Shoot, Family Shoot, Big Belly Mondays or a Amsterdam Shoot

If you’ve just given birth, you can seek the assistance of Maud for a Newborn Shoot. She shoot your child in their own familiar environment, super nice and very pure.
Family shoots and other kids shoots, she always photograph everyone playfully to capture everything. As natural as possible.
But Maud does much more than just these extended shoots. She regularly organizes Special Shoots. These are shoots that last one day, but where several people can committed to.
An example is the Big Belly Mondays, where you can log on with your pregnant belly. On a day, she captures you and your belly in 20 minutes, in your fullest and most beautiful period (one month before your due date, so in your maternity leave!).
Fotografe Maud Fontein; newborn shoot, familie shoot, kids shoot, park shoot |
Another example is the Amsterdam Shoot, where some children are photographed with a special Amsterdam background in the picture. Pelle was model here last year and as you can see, the photos are really super nice.
Maud does all these concepts with great detail. Makes very creative and special backgrounds and accessories, what sets her apart from the rest.
After that Special Shoot, you get a link to the pictures and then you decide whether you want to take a few pictures or if you want to have all the photos in high resolution.

With her Park Shoots Maud flies around the world

At this time, she is busy with her ​​latest concept: Park Shoots. It started out in the Vondelpark and now she travels the world with this concept. She was recently in London’s Hyde Park and in October she will fly to New York to photograph kids in the U.S.
Maud is a photographer with mega patience. It should with whimpering babies, screaming children or badly behaved relatives. And that’s very pleasant. The shoots are quick and efficient, and the pictures are very beautiful and natural.
Maud can adjust the pictures, upon request: black and white, extra color, retouch boogers and wrinkles.
If I ever go for a third, I know that I capture my belly this time, because I’ve never done that with Pelle and Morrison.
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Jessica will move with her family from Amsterdam to Haarlem soon. And therefore, she won’t do much outings in Amsterdam anymore. She will explore Haarlem more. Therefore, this is her latest blog about Amsterdam on
* Have fun in your new home (with garden!). And a huge thank you for your contribution Jessica. You rock! X Esther *

Fotografe Maud Fontein; newborn shoot, familie shoot, kids shoot, park shoot |

Fotografe Maud Fontein; newborn shoot, familie shoot, kids shoot, park shoot |

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