Candy, do you give it to your child or not? And if yes, how often? Questions many parents ask themselves now and then.We all know candy isn’t good for you, but it’s soo yummy… And kids love it, so a little here and there should be ok, right? However, there is a lot of difference between what you give them, but to be honest the kids always want those fluo colored ones.

But there are candies that are bio, sugar free, gluten free, diary free or galantine free, really! And they look and taste the same as the ordinary ones. But then it feels responsible to give, eat candy in a responsible way so to say.


Snoepgoed is an online store that sells these responsible candies. All are made of natural ingredients and 70% is biologic. The goal of this bio candy store is to change an eat pattern. Especially with the youth, if you train them young they will teach their children and so on. Eating candy doesn’t have to mean you’ll eat loads of sugar and other unnatural ingredients.

But how is it possible that these candies have the colors you’re used to? What they do is, use natural colour agents like carrots, spinach, peppers etc.

So is eating these candies healthy? Well, that’s a bit over the top to say, but let’s call it eating candy responsibly. And mama doesn’t need to feel ‘guilty’ anymore when giving a candy now and then. Snoepgoed also offers little bags to give a way at school when celebrating a birthday in example. Very handy also for those with allergies who normally aren’t allowed to eat candy. And the teachers and other parents are obviously also happy with a treat like this.

Snoepgoed also had an offline store, in Haarlem (Zijlstraat) in case you’re in the neighborhood and you wish to collect your own little brown candy bag!



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