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Ever since Flint was a baby, there’s a Stokke Tripp Trapp at our dining table. A gift by my in-laws neighbour. That’s how it goes. It was bright red and used by her grandkids for years. When they were big enough to sit in a regular chair, it was time to get rid of it. To us!
The bright red was changed to a calm white and it’s used every day since then. Breakfast, lunch and diner. As a step too, so Flint can wash his hands or get something out of the fridge himself. Or even as an extra seat for a grownup, cause you can easily sit on it yourself. Years old, but because of some paint it became a great vintage item that blends well in our tight interior.

Stokke Tripp Trapp |

But now with our second baby, we needed a second chair. A Tripp Trapp of course, which Stokke sent me. Lucky basterd!
Nowadays, Stokke has a Newborn Set for the smallest. You can very easily click it onto the Tripp Trapp. This way the little one is part of the meals in his first weeks/months too (instead of lying in the box or in his bed), cosy! As a fully qualified big brother, Flint puts his own doll in the seat to role play and this way he seems to prepare himself for the arrival of his baby brother. So much fun to see!

This Tripp Trapp chair begins a new adventure. For the next few years in our house. Who knows where it’ll end up! They’re so sturdy and wear-resistant that the chair is probably at my sister or one of my brothers in a couple of years. Freshly painted though, probably.

Stokke Tripp Trapp |

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