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This week we counted down the days till Sander came home, who was abroad for business. And because Sander travels a lot for business, I made a count-down-calendar for Flint shaped like an airplane. To put stickers on it, it’s like a little party this way! In the meantime the logo of Urban Moms is on the website of Mama Event (thé lifestyle event – for all fabulous moms – on the 19th and 20th of October), proud! does PR there. (more…)


What a lot of lovely sunny (and especially hot) days this week! Ideal weather for an outside photoshoot. And what is a better place than along the river with the Erasmus Bridge in the background! It doesn't get more urban ;) I also had to capture Flint for a 'sponsored look', so after some pretty pictures he deserved a short movie and a tasty sandwich. (more…)