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Anne Zellien jewelry: kids & mom |


Let me introduce myself: my name is Anaïs (30), Lou’s mom (2012) and I work at Bugaboo as an account manager. I have been living in beautiful Brabant for five years now, with Han. But as a true Antwerp girl, my heart still skips a beat for this beautiful city along the Schelde. That’s why you can find me there almost every week, cause it feels like coming home every time! Antwerp is not only known by it's lovely shops and culinary delights. The city also has some great jewel designers (more…)

Unique personalized 3D jewelry: SUUZ |

SUUZ: DESIGN YOUR OWN 3D JEWELRY – Christmas must-have

Sinterklaas just left the country, so it’s time to think about the Christmas presents. When I was at Flavourites Live two weeks ago, I walked past the stand of SUUZ. My attention was drawn to a lasermachine, which was printing a 3D ring at that moment. And it turned out that this 3D printer can make any design you want. Rings, earrings, necklaces, charms and bracelets! So coooool! (more…)