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Mini & Maximus 'bring back the cool' shark sweater |


This American brand from California is in my top 10 favorite brands, for several years now! Mini & Maximus is known for their artwork combined with soft jersey fabrics. For me, a perfect combination. With each collection Mini & Maximus collaborates with various artists and even children have their input. For example, one or more kids designs made the collection each season. 'Kids will have their say' they say at Mini & Maximus. Cool right?! (more…)

Black and white blancket House of Jamie |

DUTCH DESIGN: HOUSE OF JAMIE review black & white blanket ‘special edition’

Earlier, we wrote about the Dutch brand House of Jamie. Barbara Gouka created and developed this beautiful label in 2012, which is characterized by a simple black bow-tie. In October last year, they even launched a clothing line for toddlers. Their bib is perhaps the best known accessories from their collection, but did you know that they also have lots of other fun items? Diaper bags, bath towels, pouf covers, nursing pillows, sleeping bags and blankets. All with that famous bow! (more…)