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Debbie has traveled around the world as a model and a spokesperson for young people with disabilities and is currently working part-time at a travel agency. Last may, she gave birth to her son, Oliver-James, and since then she especially enjoys her maternity leave and family. Of course we are curious what she brings with her in her diaper bag when she goes out with Ollie.

Essentials according to Debbie

Her diaper bag is the classic Monogram Neverfull GM from Louis Vuitton. It was difficult for Debbie to find a nice diaper bag and it also happens that she ay treat herself with a new designerbag once a year. While she was in New York, she bought this bag and het boyfriend almost had a heart attack when he saw the price! Debbie is really happy with the bag, because it is really spacious and it also comes with a small bag for her own stuff, such as her cards and her phone. And the bag also matches with the Bugaboo Bufalo Escape!

When she goes out with Ollie, she always has a changing mat from Kipkep, a swaddle from Hema, Zwitsel sensitive baby wipes and a clean romper from Noppies with her. She also put the burp cloth (Rome) from Koeka, because this one is big and remains on her shoulder, in her bag. Even Sudocrem for dry spots and baby bottoms, a white bandana bib with blue stars from Wibra and a fawn toy from Sophie the Giraffe goes with her. In addition, Debbie also has a case for breast compresses from Kipkep, essential when you breastfeed, that match the changing mat for Ollie in her bag.
At the moment is Ollie’s favorite stuffed animal a white crocheted mouse from Happy Horse, but he also loves the stroller chain with felting houses from Studio Blomm.

And these items are in her bag:

  1. Romper Tim with cars from Noppies
  2. Stroller chain with felting houses
  3. Swaddles from Hema
  4. FanFan the Fawn from Sophie the Giraffe
  5. Monogram Neverfull GM from Louis Vuitton
  6. Sensitive baby wipes from Zwitsal
  7. Changing mat and Nursery wallet for breast compresses from Kipkep
  8. Sudocrem cream
  9. Eco mouse from Happy Horse

De luiertas van… Debbie van der putten |

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