About 1 year ago, Floor gave birth to her son Valentijn. When she’s not working, she does a lot of things with Valentijn, like planning fun getaways and looking for inspiration. And of course we’re curious what’s in her diaper bag when they go out.

Essentials according to Floor

Floor doesn’t really have a diaper bag, bus she prefers to use her own leather backpack. This bag is from the thrift shop. And that’s what makes her diaper bag so special.
Once in a while, she visits the thrift shop and sometimes when she’s lucky she finds something nice, like this vintage leather backpack (it even has a text from its previous owner in it). She also uses this bag as a handbag. The bag is really nice to carry on both shoulders. And certainly when she’s with Valentijn, so she does have her hands free.

What’s in her bag is Vallen en stoten gel (fall and bump gel) from Vsm, just in case. This is magic cream according to Floor. In addition, she always has diapers from Kruitvat and babywipes from the Hema with her. She has tried many babywipes, but those from the Hema are her favorite. She also has a healthy snack for Valentijn with her from Goodies, such as Carrot stix or a Squeezy. Some extra clothes and a swaddle (sometimes from Hema and sometimes from Lodger) to change Valentijn. And she won’t leave home without a cup, pacifier, bib and of course Valentijn’s favorite stuffed rabbit. This rabbit is so soft that it goes along to everywhere.

These items are in her bag:

  1. Bib from Elodie
  2. Pacifier from Difrax
  3. Swaddle from Lodger
  4. VSM Arnikind fall and bump gel
  5. Leak-proof cup from Suavinex
  6. Baby wipes from Hema
  7. Happy Horse stuffed rabbit


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