In her daily life, Kim works 3 days a week as a re-integration coach. She already was the mom of, in her own words, her bonus daughter Noa and last February she gave birth to her son Javay Dexx. She didn’t expect that being a mom was so much fun! Javay is super easy and cheerful, so they take him everywhere. And of course we are curious what she brings with her in her diaperbag when she goes out.

Essentials according to Kim

Kim got her diaper bag as a present from her sister. The bag is ideal because of its many pockets, zips and the neutral color.

She always has diapers and wet wipes of Pampers in a black and white dotted pouch in her bag. The wipes are moist, so it is easy to clean the face and bottom of Javay. She also has Sudocrem cream, diaper disposal bags (in an etui) and a changing mat with her.

Useful swaddle and cool items for Javay

A swaddle may not be forgotten. Often, she has a swaddle from FiFi with her. Super handy to wipe something (for spitting), use as a changing mat or use as a sun screen on the hood of the stroller or Maxi-Cosi. A swaddle is simply ideal! And the great thing is that the swaddle is made by Kim’s friend Urbanmoms’ Elise.

A bottle from Dr. Browns and a tray with food are also in the bag. The bottle is nice because of its air nozzle. This prevents spitting and cramps.
She even has an extra set of clothing (often of the brand Z8), a cap, sunglasses, sunscreen and baby sneakers with her. Also the teether from Sophie the Giraffe goes along.

And these items are in her bag:

  1. Bottoms from Z8
  2. Baby wipes from Pampers
  3. Swaddle from FiFi via Holapequeno
  4. Teether ring from Sophie the Giraffe
  5. Diaper bag van Prénatal
  6. Sudocrem cream
  7. Cap from H&M (the cap in the picture isn’t available anymore)
  8. Diaper etui from Kipkep
  9. Drinking cup from Dr. Brown


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