Mirjam is in her daily life a writer, mother of Noah Joe and she gave birth to her second baby Eli, last January. And of course, we are curious what’s in her diaper bag.

Essentials according to Mirjam

Mirjam’s diaper bag is from Kiabi, which she bought on vacation in France, after she heard that they were expecting a baby boy. Besides diapers and a changing mat, does she also has lotion wipes with her in a personalized case. She has a little bag with her for an extra set of clothes. This homemade bag was a baby shower gift from a friend. And that extra set of clothing has been very useful a couple of times!

Organic favourites

Eli suffers from a dry skin and eczema spots, therefore, Mirjam doesn’t leave home without nurturing cream from Naif. This cream smells so good that she sometimes use it herself as hand cream. In addition, the bottles and babyhood should not be missed in the diaper bag. Because Mirjam can’t breast-feed, so Eli gets milk nutrition from Hipp Bio combiotik. This milk is 100% organic.

Furthemore, she often has a large swaddling cloth from Sebra in her diaper bag. She uses it as a playmat, a changing pad, a blanket, a cloth or as sun screen. In short, such a swaddling cloth is really multifunctional! The disposal bags from Naty babycare are also in the bag, because Mirjam doesn’t want to burden others with stinky diapers. These bags are fully biodegradable and they also have a nice print!
Eli already likes it to put everything in his mouth, so teething ring Sophie is always in the diaper bag. At present, Eli still has no favourite plush toy, but the small plushy elephant from Ikea goes with them, when they go out.

And these items are in her diaperbag:

  1. Sebra Swaddle Petit Village
  2. Sophie the Giraffe teether ring
  3. Naty disposable diaperbags
  4. Kiabi diaper bag (the new variant, because the version above isn’t longer available)
  5. Hipp Bio combiotik
  6. Naif Nurturing cream
  7. Ikea plushy Elephant
  8. Costes canvas shopper


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