De luiertas van... Elise voor Pampers |

Our own blogger Elise is now a mom; since March 5th 2015. She has a beautiful baby girl: Fiene Philou. And it’s so lovely to go out together in this beautiful spring weather! But what does brand new urban mom Elise take with her when she goes out with Fiene? Today she shares the contents of her diaperbag with us!

Essentials according to Elise

She has a Joolz diaperbag which matches the stroller. It contains a bottle of water, at least 3 diapers, a small pot of Sudo crème and the Sensitive Pampers babycloths. Super soft (and no perfume) for Fienes buttocks. And super handy: the packaging has a plastic lid which is easy to open, so the babycloths don’t dry out.
Elise doesn’t leave home without nipple hats either. And when she feeds Fiene, she uses a big absorbing cloth. Indispensable in her diaperbag are a cleaning mat, pacifier, bib, a clean romper, tissues, a lock for the stroller and a few bags to put in the dirty diapers.

Prepared for anything and ready for a walk through the city. Let’s go outside!

And this is in her diaperbag:

1. Färg & Form cleaning mat
2. Pampers Sensitive baby cloths (not just for the buttocks, but also to wipe dirty faces)
3. Stroller lock (handy hook for the groceries too)
4. Koeka bib
5. Joolz diaperbag
6. Bobo Choses romper
7. Nipple hats (can’t do without when you’re breastfeeding)
8. Modern Burlap absorbing cloth

De luiertas van... Elise voor Pampers |

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