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Shamilla is a photographer and made the pictures of our Meet Up & Shop event. On May 31, 2014 she gave birth to her second child Ithaï (you pronounce it like: it thai) and of course we are curious what’s in her diaper bag.

Essentials according to Shamilla

The diaper bag from Shamilla is from Susan Bijl, the big one because it holds a lot. Though she tries to always keep it as minimal as possible, because she doesn’t like to carry a lot :). But she always takes her (homemade) diaper pouch with 2-3 diapers, a small pack of babywipes and little bags to throw the diapers away and a large Lost & Found swaddle, perfect and multifunctional. Because when she was nursing, she used the swaddle to cover her breast and now she uses it as a changing mat. Often they come in places that are kid friendly and where they can change Ithaï easily, but in a park or beach the swaddle is perfect as a changing pad.
Indispensable are also a burp cloth, bib, pacifier, always something to eat and drink, a self mashed fruit snack (banana and avocado his favorite!),  a pack of cookies, a cup, Ithaï his cuddle, Sophie the giraffe and if we go away longer a bottle of milk and an extra romper.

And these items are in her diaperbag:

1. Hema cup
2. Natursutten pacifier via Thiscoolkid
3. Sophie the giraffe
4. Susan Bijl shoppingbag L
5. Pampers babywipes
6. Lost & Found swaddle via Suzie Q
7. Imps & Elfs mouse

De luiertas van... Shamilla met Ithaï en Noé |

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