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My name is Daniella and I’m a busy, working and pregnant (21 weeks) mother of son Brooklyn (3). I live with my boyfriend, son and English Bulldog just outside Rotterdam. I love Rotterdam and therefore I do not only work there, but you can also find me there very often after working hours. My son is going along nicely and so I automatically search spots in Rotterdam where you can eat, shop or walk with kids. The precious free time we spend together needs to be fun and relaxed.

Two years ago when Brooklyn was 1,5 years old, I was looking for a way he could release his energy in a fun and learning way. After some searching I ended up at The Little Gym. At that time they were not located in Rotterdam yet, but luckily since June 2013 they are; in Rotterdam North.

Enthusiastic, Brooklyn and I went to this very American gym in the openingweek for a test class. I didn’t even take off my coat yet and he was already looking with shining eyes at all the brightly coloured mats, balls, climbing frames and decorations. Because of their personal and sweet approach, he went into the hall with the other kids without even looking back, to have a very fun – hour long – class, which was also very structured and pedagogic. Thanks to the giant windows I could enjoy it too and my little toddler was ensured his mom didn’t go away.

The exercises they did with the little ones were quite hard. But amazed, I noticed that my little man could do a lot more than I thought. Forward roll, handstand, balancing on a beam and all that kind of things and in the meantime he learned to listen, wait for his turn and cooperate. Love to see him like this!! They call it Serious Fun.

It’s not cheap (you pay € 300 for 20 classes). But when I look at the quality and building of the classes, the materials, the teachers, all the extra’s (WIFI, free drinks, making up for missed classes etc) and last-but-not-least that smiling face of my little man when we drive to The Little Gym, I can say without a doubt that it’s absolutely worth the money.

The Little Gym Rotterdam |

The Little Gym Rotterdam |

The Little Gym Rotterdam |
Check the website of The Little Gym for more information and locations.

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