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TIP (moms off duty): FASHION MUSEUM & THE NATIONALESTRAAT IN ANTWERP by guest blogger Anais

Let me introduce myself: my name is Anaïs (30), Lou’s mom (2) and I work at the sales department of fashion company Hop Agenturen. I have been living in beautiful Brabant for five years now, with Han. But as a true Antwerp girl, my heart still skips a beat for this beautiful city along the Schelde. That’s why you can find me there almost every week, cause it feels like coming home every time!

Time to relax! After an incredibly busy January, filled with fairs, crammed workweeks and other fun activities it’s high time to go down to Antwerp! Unfortunately without Lou who caught a nasty cold! This of course gives me the opportunity to do what I haven’t done in months, maybe even years: go to a museum. And not just a museum, but the true dream for fashion: the Momu, aka Fashion Museum.

The Momu is located in the beautiful building of the fashionnation in the Nationalestraat. The building dates from the 19th Century and used to be a space for a clothesshop. In 2000 the building is beautifully renovated, where the impressive wooden stairs became a well known thing. The Fashion Museum is absolutely worth a visit, because there’s always a nice exhibition. Don’t miss the adjoining bookshop: Copyright!

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Going out my attention is drawn by 2 new hotspots: the Tafel van Amandine and Stay. The Tafel van Amandine is a pop-up store where you can find the greatest interior-stuff. Great for original gifs. Brands like Serax and Double Stitched get a prominent spot in this cosy shop.

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The real new place-to-be in the Nationalestraat is: Stay! Stay is a completely new concept of a real Boutique Bar, which stands for Style TAste & You.
You’ll find not only the most original accessories and clothes, but also the hippest home decoration brands, cosmetics and jewellery.
At Stay my eyes can’t get enough of all those fun, new brands, such as: Snurk, Monkey Business, Mayves Lovestoned, House Doctor etc. And in the back I enter some kind of open kitchen, where you can have a lovely lunch or enjoy a nice wine. Stay organizes workshops, wine tastings, Sunday brunches and collection previews! Absolutely great if you ask me. Enjoy!

Stay Antwerpen |

Stay Antwerpen |

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