Cafe Pinson Paris 10th |

HOTSPOT CAFE PINSON: Paris on Saturday morning in the 10th by guest blogger Liz

Let me introduce myself; my name is Liz and I live with Lou and our son Flip (0). We live in Amsterdam but love to travel around the world. We are always looking for new local hotspots, young designers and trendy gadgets. Cities we’ve been to we re-discover with the little one and a pram ;-)

In Paris life doesn’t start before 10 am. But our son doesn’t really stick to those times. After an early start at 5.30 am a breakfast at 9.00 am is very welcome. But where do you go to in a city that doesn’t spend time on a ‘petit-dejeuner’?
Luckily there’s Café Pinson in the 10th district. They call themselves a juicebar, café and restaurant. We’d say a great place to have breakfast which serves only biological dishes (although it’s not about the biological for us, as long as it’s a nice place). The concept arised when two friends combined their passions (bio, healthy life & restaurant). They have two cafés in Paris.

Cafe Pinson Paris 10th |

The interior is designed by Dorothée Meilichzon, a French designer and not unimportant: pram-proof! You can reach Pinson with the less pram-proof subway (stop Poissonniere). A healthy breakfast costs 12,50. And healthy it is. In our ‘day shake’ was ginger, apple, kiwi and parsley. Furthermore there was soy yoghurt with granola on the menu and the fresh baguettes are served with biological and seasonal choices of filling and ofcourse the tea and coffee is produced responsibly. There’s free wifi and a nice seat to look outside.

Cafe Pinson Paris 10th |

Cafe Pinson Paris 10th |

After all that sitting it’s time for the kids to live it up. 400 metres away (in the direction of the subway) is a lovely kids playing paradise. The park Montholon is beautifully located between those typical French buildings. The park is completely arranged for kids of all ages; from little toddlers to climbing on the playing frames for primary school age and a basketball field for the older kids.

On Saturday morning there were kids of all ages playing in their part of the park. They thought about the parents as well. The whole park is fenced and there are benches everywhere so you can keep an eye on your kids. There are no tourists around so it’s a nice to integrate with the well paid Parisiens from the neighbourhood.

For opening hours and more info: Mind this! They are closed on Sunday. The park Montholon is opened every day from 09.00 am.

Park Montholon Paris 10th |

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