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February is dedicated to creativity on UrbanMoms.nl: cool DIY’s, creative things to do with kids or gadgets. This month you’ll find this theme regularly coming back on the blog. And this week a tutorial of a dreamcatcher.

This is the last ‘Be Creative’ blog! Next month we’ll focus on a new theme. But before that happens, guest blogger Manon learns us how to make a beautiful dream catcher. Hang him in the nursery or just in the living room. Get inspired & Be Creative!

Materials: Wool, Zpagetti,, iron wire, pliers, scissors, beads, feathers, needle and thread.

Tutorial: DIY dreamcatcher | UrbanMoms.nl
Step 1. Make a ring of iron wire, not quite neat. That gives later a nice effect!

Step 2. Wrap rope/ fabric/wool to the hoop. I used Zpagetti, because I think it’s fine material to work with (and it works really fast).

Tutorial: DIY dreamcatcher | UrbanMoms.nl
Step 3. Now you can decorate the inside of the ring. For this I used wool and beads.

Step 4. Now knot rope, Zpagetti, leather choirs etc. underneath the ring. Make sure it has about the same length, but not too neat. The effect of unequal lengths makes it more playful.

Tutorial: DIY dreamcatcher | UrbanMoms.nl
Step 5. Decorate the last threaded with beads, feathers, pendants etc. These things can be bought at the bead store.

Tutorial: DIY dreamcatcher | UrbanMoms.nl

Tutorial: DIY dreamcatcher | UrbanMoms.nl

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